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Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife united in grandparenting, as their daughter wished to build a big family

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s relationship with his ex-wife, journalist, and author Maria Shriver, was one of the best in Hollywood. In 1977, they met through Tom Brokaw at the RFK Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament.

Shriver and her ex-husband began dating soon after their initial meeting. They dated for a few years until Arnold proposed in August 1985.

The former couple married on April 26, 1986, in a Catholic ceremony at the Kennedy family estate in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Katherine Schwarzenegger, Shriver and Arnold’s first child, was born three years later.

When Katherine was born, the journalist quit her job as co-anchor of “Sunday Today” so she could spend more time with her husband and daughter.

Christina Schwarzenegger, Shriver and Arnold’s second child, joined the family in July 1991. Katherine was just as happy to be a big sister as the couple before she was to have two kids. At the time, the journalist noted:

“Katherine is overjoyed about her new baby sister.” We consider ourselves really fortunate to have another child. We’re overjoyed.”

In September 1993, Shriver and Arnold had their second child, Patrick, two years after Christina. The couple’s family became even larger in September 1997, when their fourth child, Christopher, was born.

Shriver and Arnold lived happily with their children for the following few years. Unfortunately, their marriage would not last.

On May 9, 2011, the former California governor and his ex-wife surprised the nation by announcing their divorce after 25 years of marital bliss.

According to a joint statement issued by the two, they made their decision after serious consideration, meditation, debate, and prayer. Following the unexpected announcement, stories surfaced claiming that the “Terminator” actor was to blame for his marriage’s demise.

Arnold and Shriver are present grandparents, a position they treasure in addition to being there for their children.

Arnold had cheated on his wife with the family’s housekeeper, Mildred Baena, and produced a kid with her, Joseph Baena. The actor was unaware that his romance had resulted in a child until more than a decade later.

When Arnold’s adultery was discovered, he confided in Shriver, which led to their divorce.

Knowing how much harm he had done, the actor was distraught and accepted responsibility for his actions. In his own words:

“I make no excuses, and I accept full responsibility for the pain I have caused.” I apologized to Maria, my children, and my entire family. “I sincerely apologize.”

The Hollywood legend further stated that his affair with the maid was the most stupid and idiotic thing he had done during the marriage. He claims that:

“It was dreadful.” “I caused Maria a lot of sorrow and the kids a lot of pain.”

Arnold prayed for forgiveness from his ex-wife and children after his confession and pleas. At the same time, he assumed responsibility for Joseph, providing him with fatherly affection and financial assistance.

Arnold and Shriver divorced in December 2021, a decade after announcing their breakup. Even though bad things happened between them, the couple stayed close, especially with their children, until their marriage officially ended.

Arnold, Shriver, and their four children were usually present at birthday parties. For example, when Katherine turned 27 in 2016, the couple was present to enjoy the occasion with their daughter.

Katherine took to Instagram to share a photo of herself, her parents, her sister, and her brother, Patrick, standing with a beautiful cake. She titled it:

“This is number 27!” Thank you to my wonderful family and friends for making this birthday one to remember! Christopher, you were greatly missed. “27 is going to be my finest year yet.”

Patrick also posted a nice photo of the entire family smiling in front of a birthday cake and other treats for Arnold’s birthday in 2020.

Christopher graduated from the University of Michigan around two months before Patrick’s post and had his entire family present to celebrate with him. A photo posted on Katherine’s Instagram page showed the family of six smiling broadly, with Christopher carrying a graduation cake.

Arnold and Shriver are still celebrating their children’s milestones two years later. Patrick turned 29 on September 19, 2022, and to commemorate the event, he uploaded a video of how that day unfolded.

The former couple joyfully stood beside their kid in one of the photos, holding a plate with a small cake and a “happy birthday” phrase scribbled next to it.

Arnold and Shriver are present grandparents, a position they treasure in addition to being there for their children. When Katherine and her husband, Chris Pratt, welcomed their daughter, Lyla, in 2020, they became grandparents for the first time.

The actor was overjoyed with the arrival of his grandchild since he had been looking forward to playing with her and building memories with her while Katherine was still pregnant. Arnold and Shriver were spotted seeing their new grandson after the mother and child were released from the hospital.

Katherine talked about her parents’ position as grandparents and how fantastic they were at it four months later. In her own words:

“They like becoming grandparents.” It’s an exciting new responsibility for them to take on. It’s also a great thing for me, as their daughter, to see them in this new position.

Katherine also expressed gratitude and excitement at the prospect of her sister and brothers becoming aunts and uncles.

Arnold and Shriver have their second grandchild.
Katherine and Pratt announced the birth of their second child, Eloise, in May 2022, making Arnold and Shriver grandparents for the second time.

According to a source, the new parents were overjoyed to welcome their second child, as they had always wanted Lyla to be a big sister.

Katherine hinted five months later that she could have additional children because she came from a large family. She did, however, mention that everything is in God’s hands. In her own words:

“We will do whatever God has planned for us.”

Meanwhile, Katherine is receiving parenting advice from her mother. She thinks it’s great that Shriver is her role model and is excited to learn from her, especially about how the journalist balances work and family life.