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After becoming concerned about the wellbeing of his mother-in-law, Keith Urban decided to step down as coach on ‘The Voice’ in order to spend more time with his whole family, fearing…

Together, Urban and Kidman have accomplished a lot in Hollywood, including raising a lovely family as well as having great professions.

Despite this, the couple has lately come to the conclusion that they are unable to spend sufficient time with their family while still accommodating their hectic schedules.

They have come to the conclusion that it is in everyone’s best interest for them to slow down the pace of their work for a little while so that they may spend more time with their children and their elderly moms, both of whom don’t have very much time left to spend with their families.

In 2011, Urban was one of the four judges on the Australian version of “The Voice,” which also included fellow Australian musician Delta Goodrem and two musicians from outside of Australia, Seal and Joel Madden.

Now, 10 years after the date when the program first premiered, Urban has revealed that he will be stepping down from his position on the judging panel. On his upcoming The Speed of Now World Tour, he will go to Australia instead as per his recent decision.

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He indicated that he would be continuing the tour, which is based on an album that he published in 2020, rather than shooting the show’s second season so that he could match his schedule with Kidman’s.

Faith and Sunday are the couple’s two beautiful kids, and their marriage is described as “blissful.”

In addition, the girls have two older siblings named Isabella and Conner Cruise, both of whom were adopted by Kidman during the time that she was married to Tom Cruise (1990–2001).

In addition to having a strong connection with their own parents and Sunday’s and Faith’s grandparents, the couple has a strong bond with their children. They often use various forms of social media to express their gratitude and adoration for their parents.

The striking similarity between Urban and his father was beautifully captured in a sepia picture that was included in one of Urban’s posts. The image featured the two men grinning at the camera.

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In the article, Urban highlighted how having children has given him a deeper appreciation for his own father.

Although Urban has been eager to post images of his parents on social media, Kidman is the one who virtually always does so. Specifically, she is fond of sharing images of her mother with others.

Through the use of social media, Kidman and her mother celebrate important days together, such as birthdays and mother’s day. In most of the pictures, Kidman and her mother can be seen smiling at one another while embracing one another.

Kidman and her family have been compelled to review how they spend their time as a result of recent developments regarding Kidman’s mother’s health. As a result, they have reconsidered both the activities in which they engage and the people with whom they do so.

Kidman and her children relocated closer to her mother so that Kidman could better tend to her mother at the times when she need the most assistance.

She said: “Because of our strong relationship, my mother is allowing me to see the world from the perspective of an 81-year-old lady, which is proving to be really helpful in light of the fact that she is so aware at the moment.”

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Because Kidman’s mother has just started having health problems, and because Urban is acutely aware of the fact that both she and his mother are growing older, he is concerned about the amount of time that they still have left with both of their mothers.

He said that he valued the opportunity to celebrate important holidays, such as Christmas, with both of the ladies in Australia since they were elderly and it was impossible to predict when they could lose either of the women.

He also said that they did not have any family in Nashville, which is where they now dwell, so the opportunity to spend time with their family in Australia, which is where the majority of their relatives live, was a really unique gift for them.