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A young black lady writes a touching letter to her adopted parents, thanking them for their unwavering devotion…

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Mandisa Zenaya Mlitwa, a South African lady in her twenties, has a lot to be thankful for in life. But of all the blessings she has received, she is most appreciative of her adopted parents.

Mandisa paid her parents a touching tribute on Facebook in March.

She referred to her white adoptive parents as “great people” and described herself as an adopted child who had been blessed with them throughout her life.

Mandisa claimed she wakes up in the mornings to tender hugs and feels loved each and every day.

She doesn’t worry when she gets into trouble because her dad is only a call away. He constantly comes up when she needs him and is always willing to assist her.

But in March 2020, sorrow struck when her mother lost away from cancer. Thus, she is now alone with her father, whom she refers to as “pops.”

Her father has always treated Mandisa like a princess. He opens doors for her, gives her daily hugs, tells her he loves her, cooks her breakfast, and even assists her in washing her hair. He always takes her out to lunch.

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Mandisa referred to him as her “best buddy” and claimed that she could chat to her father about dating, a subject that many kids find awkward to bring up with their parents.

Mandisa, however, doesn’t have to be concerned about what her father might think about her romantic life because he is a “cool dad” who only wants what is best for her.

Mandisa has a remarkable father, which is a blessing.

Mandisa just chooses to laugh off the notion that her father is her “sugar daddy” when they go out together. Some people find it difficult to accept that they are a father and daughter, perhaps due to the difference in skin tones.

But since this woman was so adored, it didn’t matter at all.

Mandisa claimed that her parents did not ask for anything in return for sending her to school or providing her with clothing. But more than that, she experienced daily feelings of love, and she will always be appreciative of it.

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Mandisa is devastated by the loss of her mother, yet she is nevertheless grateful to God for making her feel loved despite the tragedy.

She is most grateful that her parents adopted her and treated her like a member of their family.

Within two months, Mandisa’s moving Facebook post gained widespread attention.

Below, you can read her heartfelt remembrance:

“I wanna take this opportunity and thank God for putting these wonderful people in my path. I am an adopted child. I feel loved every single day, I wake up in the morning, and I am hugged. I call when I am in trouble, and my dad is right there within a short space of time.

This month last year, we lost my mom to cancer, so now it is just my pops and I. I always laugh when we are out and people think he is my sugar daddy. Angilazi uthando olungaka!!! They clothed me and took me to school and didn’t expect anything in return!!

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Every day I experience love. I’m 21 years old and my father still prepares me breakfast, brings me out to lunch, opens doors for me, gives me hugs every day, and tells me he loves me.

He buys me the snacks and beverages I like.

He is my very best pal. I can even discuss dating with him. He is so cool! Thank you, God, for taking my mother. I still feel loved and will always be appreciative of her and my dad for adopting me and treating me like one of their own. R.I.P., mama.

The capacity to love without regard to one’s skin tone is lovely and something to be appreciated and shared.