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A Customer Rescued a Dunkin’ Donuts Employee Who Was Facing Eviction by Providing Her with a New Place to Live With Her 3 Children…

One employee at Dunkin’ Donuts was showered with unbelievable good fortune when a devoted client gave her a house that was completely outfitted with furnishings.

It has been three years since Ebony Johnson, a worker at Dunkin’ Donuts, first made the acquaintance of Suzanne Burke as the two were waiting in line for the drive-thru.

They got close as a result of the conversation that took place each time while Suzanne picked up her daily coffee.

“I go first thing in the morning,” said Suzanne. “During the three years that Ebony has worked at the drive-thru, she has consistently delivered outstanding service to our patrons.”

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However, Suzanne lately saw that Ebony was not working her typical hours, and she found that she was missing her companion. When Suzanne attempted to get in touch with Ebony, she learned to her dismay that she and her three children had been driven out of their house.

Suzanne was aware that she needed to assist her buddy at this difficult moment for her.

Suzanne said, “All I wanted was to see if I could make her life and the lives of her children a little bit better by assisting her.”

I was concerned that she would not be able to maintain the high level of customer satisfaction she had established at Dunkin’ Donuts if they did not have secure housing.

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Because Suzanne was able to get aid from a number of different groups, she was able to provide Ebony with a house that was completely outfitted with furnishings.

When Ebony saw her house all equipped, she thanked her friends and family very much for their assistance. “I can’t express how grateful I am that we are back in our own house.

Because I didn’t stop praying and asking the Lord, “Could I be at home before Christmas?” he looked out for my best interests.”