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A claim for $2 Million has been made against the estate of Anne Heche by a woman whose home was destroyed in a collision…

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A lady whose home was destroyed in the accident that took the life of actress Anne Heche on August 5 has filed a creditor’s claim against her estate.

On November 9th, lawyers for Lynne Mishele filed documents in the Superior Court of California in Los Angeles County, requesting “at least $2 million” in damages for “negligence,” “infliction of emotional distress,” and “trespass.” The documents state that the attorneys are seeking compensation for “negligence,” “exacerbation of mental anguish,” and “trespass.”

According to the document, Michele, who was renting the house from John and Jennifer Durand at the time of the accident, states that she “was working from home when she was stunned by the dramatic force of Heche’s vehicle slamming through the front wall and driving through the living room, kitchen, home office, and primary room closet before settling into the laundry/storage room of her house.”

In addition, the filings state that “The front end of the car, incredible as it may seem, came to a stop mere feet from Plaintiff and her pets: two dogs named Bree and Rueben and a tortoise named Marley.”

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“By God’s grace, Plaintiff and her three pets barely escaped physical impact from the car crash,” the documents add. They continue on to describe Mishele as “terrified, causing serious damage, and without a place to live” as a result of the crash.

According to the docs, “she was only wearing sweatpants and a tanktop and did not even have shoes on.” “As a direct result of the fatal accident that was caused by Heche, the plaintiff’s house and all of her personal property was completely destroyed by fire. This included the entirety of her lifetime’s worth of possessions, pictures, and mementos, as well as all of her business documents and equipment, her laptop and iPad, as well as all of her clothing, essentials, and household items.”

According to the paperwork, “Plaintiff has experienced and continues to suffer extreme emotional suffering as well as professional hardship.” This is in addition to the fact that she has lost all of her possessions and been physically uprooted.

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“The plaintiff has not been able to get to sleep and is currently dealing with severe anxiety as well as sadness. She has also been unable to manage her home business as a result of her physical dislocation and frail mental health, both of which were brought about by the irresponsible behavior of the defendants. Despite having undergone counseling, she is still struggling to recover from the traumatic experiences caused by the defendants.”

After the Emmy Award winner, 53, crashed her car into the Los Angeles residence, causing it to catch fire, Mishele’s neighbor Lynne Bernstein told PEOPLE on August 7 that she “was extremely fortunate” to survive the accident with no injuries. The crash occurred after the Emmy Award winner crashed her car into the residence, causing it to catch fire.

An earlier article by PEOPLE stated that the Los Angeles Fire Department stated that the event caused “structural compromise” and “major fire” to the one-story residence as a result of the damage it caused.

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One day after the accident, Jennifer and John Durand started a GoFundMe campaign to assist in covering the costs of the loss of her things. In the campaign description, they referred to Mishele as “A nice and generous person.” An account that was repeated in Mishele’s court complaint states that it took 59 firefighters and 65 minutes to extinguish the flames that were generated by the crash. This information was obtained from GoFundMe.

When Heche ran into the single-story house, she was operating a Mini Cooper at the time of the collision. Heche was taken to the hospital and required intubation after her apartment caught fire. She did not regain consciousness at any point. Since then, it has been determined that her passing was due to an accident.

On the same day, the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) declared that they would no longer be investigating the crash.