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3-year-old girl’s giving her mother a wave before her skating routine melts everyone’s heart

Many children put on their first pair of skates when they are just toddlers. If a child learns to stand confidently on the ice at the age of three, by the age of four, they will be cruising around the rink with abandon.

They will fall, but they will rise again. It’s also an important lesson to learn.

Tots on the ice

Of course, figure skating is unique, and there can be a lot of pressure involved. However, just like dance and sports, it can be an excellent way to instill discipline and a love of hard work.

We’re not sure why her mother chose skating for her daughter, but she’s obviously learned some major poise in the short time she’s been doing it.

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A video of the 3-year-old was uploaded to YouTube in 2014, and it has been viewed over 1.7 million times.

What a difference 8 weeks can make

Valerie, the mother, mentions in the caption that her daughter has only been skating for eight weeks.

And, to be honest, she’s already learned more than we did. She can start and stop, cruise smoothly, and even perform a few cute moves.

She also has charm, as she smiles and waves while out on the ice.

She appears to be having a great time. She can even wiggle herself backward, which is something we’re still working on!

Putting on a show, Brynn’s performance was set to “The Muffin Man,” which made quite a few viewers laugh.

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“I thought this was really cute!” “When it started, it put a big smile on my face, and when the Muffin Man song came on, I lost it. I died lol,” one commenter said.

Brynn won first place out of six skaters in her age category at the 2014 Magnolia Open Skating Competition!

And, while she didn’t realize it at the time, as she skated towards her mother at the end of her routine, she appeared to be pleased with herself.

Years later, commenters were still rooting for her!