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2-year-old baby drummer astounds the judges with his talent…

The majority of parents concur that toddlers frequently like smashing items together at this age. But Hugo Molina has raised the bar significantly. He has what appears to be perfect rhythm when playing the drums. The 2-year-drum old’s performance at an audition for “Spain’s Got Talent” was so outstanding that it has amassed more than 10 million views since being uploaded to YouTube in September 2019.

The youngest performer on “Spain’s Got Talent” was Hugo. He appeared at ease showcasing his incredible drumming prowess in front of a studio audience. The father of Hugo Jesus is Manuel. He carefully placed his young son in front of a drum set after carrying him across the stage. One of the hosts feared the young youngster might become alarmed. As Hugo entered the stage, the host requested the audience not to applaud or clap. Many observers were astounded by the young boy’s ability to watch such a large studio audience without becoming enraged or rushing backstage.

Everyone was probably astonished to see a young child attempting to get on the show. Hugo was undoubtedly a cute boy, but they also questioned if a young child could have any true aptitude or if it was just a game for him to play. Hugo was adorable, but there were a lot more performers that had real talent. Hugo would only be able to advance so far in such a competition by being cute.

The young child is carried onto the stage and placed in front of the drum while holding drumsticks in his hands. Most likely, some onlookers questioned whether the small youngster knew what he was supposed to do with them. He was quite endearing because to his smile and stage presence. Hugo’s musical ability at such a young age was still in doubt. It was clear that he had the power to win the judges’ and studio audience’s hearts.

The judges and studio audience were astounded by what they heard when Hugo started to play. The drumming of this young guy made everyone realize they were watching a natural musician rather than just a cute youngster. The background music starts from the beginning. How do we play the drums, Hugo’s father asks his son as he turns to face him. The youngster then starts to play songs from Semana Santa in Seville. This is typical fiesta music from Spain that is played during Holy Week.

The small boy’s talent astounded the judges. He soon proved that he was capable of more. Hugo played more quickly and added a wooden block to his performance as the music sped up. He made eye contact with the vast audience throughout the entire performance without any issues. Many others questioned whether the young child was aware of what was going on. Hugo seems a little taken aback by the audience’s response. He plays the drums with what seems to be ease.

Hugo’s skill on the drums astounded everyone. Backstage, his mother appeared to lose her worry as she felt relieved and immensely pleased of her son’s performance. Hugo could definitely handle it, but mom was undoubtedly nervous about her young son playing in front of a large crowd. Throughout the performance, Hugo’s father never left his side. Seeing his father standing next to him caused the young child to appear more at ease.

Hugo advanced to the following round of the competition after receiving four “Yes” votes from the panel of judges. Additionally, during the fifth season of the program, this youngster won the entire competition and received 25,000 euros at the age of 2. The YouTube channel for Kids Got Talent has helped the young child gain access to over 10 million visitors. Hugo’s family shares updates about his career on Instagram and YouTube, where fans of his audition can follow him.